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Flipped classrooms’ in North Texas turn traditional teaching on its head


Two high school teachers are changing the classroom for the better. Two teachers at Forestwood Middle School are introducing flipped classrooms. This is done by students watching videos or recorded lectures outside of classroom time. Students can watch these on their smartphones or computers. The students always have access to videos to watch again, rewind, and ask questions. Instead of lecturing for the class time the students are doing their homework in class. By doing this, the students can collaborate their ideas and work together. The students are expanding their learning and understanding conflicts in depth. There has been an increase in test scores and many students enjoy this way of learning. Also, attendance for many students has increased due to student interest.

Q1: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

The idea of a flipped classroom will hinder students learning because of the complexities that come about with technology and learning styles. Some students may be hands-on or visual students. These videos may become an issue for these students to understand the complexities of the topics. Also the question can arise, What if the student forgets to watch the video?

Q2: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I believe the flipped classroom is a bad idea because computers are not always accessible for many students. Some students do not have access to a computer or a smartphone. The article does state that there needs to be access to computers before or after school which some schools may not offer. Also with many extra curricular activities some students may not have enough outside of classroom time to watch these videos and accommodate for other homework from other classes.

Q3: How does the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

The idea of a flipped classroom can cause many criticisms with some parents. Many teachers are being criticized for many classroom techniques and teaching practices. I believe that this will hinder the view of a teacher. Many can state this is a way for teachers to do less during classroom time. Also, critics can state that some students can’t have time for these videos due to busy lives outside of the classroom. This can become an issue if the student doesn’t watch the video and can not participate in classroom activities.


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