Blog #2

The Flip: End of a Love Affair

Summary: Flipped classrooms are a student focused classroom where students watch lectures at home and do homework in the classroom. This helps students to collaborate with ideas. The teachers role is to teach the students how to learn. Learning for the student became meaningful. The author introduced a flipped classroom and gradually this type of classroom disappeared over time. Now students learn in the classroom and collaborate with limited lecture. The author stated that they don’t like giving homework, a lecture by video is still a lecture, and she wants the students to own their learning. Students collaborate and discuss different ideas with students that are on the same learning level.

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I believe that a flipped classroom is not ideal for most schools and students. The author of this article stated she did not like giving the students homework, but the students were watching videos outside of the classroom for homework. A flipped classroom helped her create a different classroom environment but I do believe that a flipped classroom is not idea for most students.

Q2: What examples of issues have you observed in your own experience?

The author stated that the school does not have a 1:1 for computers. This can make the video watching complicated. I came from a small school that had limited computers and computer access. A flipped classroom at my high school would be very difficult to accomplish due lack of computers. Also the author stated that students pick their groups to collaborate with and if it doesn’t work they find a new group the next day. From experience many students are not verbal and need direction from the teacher. I am a student that learns through visual objects or ideas. Personally, I learn best from PowerPoint presentations and rewriting notes. I have also experienced that different subjects call for different classroom techniques to learn. For example an anatomy class is hard to do without a content lectures before doing any other work. Many classes are different along with different students learning styles.

Q3: What are possible ways to use the ideas in your own teaching or self-directed learning?

The author found an ideal classroom setting for her students and the subject matter. The idea of a student centered classroom is a great concept to bring into my classroom someday.


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