Blog #3

Physical Activity and Digital Learning: Two Peas in a Pod

Summary: Physical activity has become an issue in a new digital society. A school called Carpe Diem Collegiate Middle and High School have blended learning with no physical education class. The students in this school can get physical activity at any point throughout the day. At another school Silicon Valey Flex Academy the school is across the street from a Crossfit gym that offers students a Crossfit for Kids program. The author believes that this is a far superior way to health education.

Q1: What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I feel that this is a great way for students to increase learning in the classroom. Students are able to renew their minds after a long class that wore them out. When going to their next class the student can be disconnected and many studies show that students work well after a workout. The part that I did not understand was if these students were dismissed from work in other classes to work on their fitness. Also, the student could not just get up and leave class. This would be hard to maintain the security of knowing where the student is and being responsible for them.

Q2: What limitations or criticisms of the idea are important to consider?

A limitation to this idea is that most schools are low income and can’t afford the equipment for numerous students to work out at the same time. Also bigger schools would need to offer more people to supervise students so that they are uninjured by themselves or equipment. There should be a class on proper ways to workout and stretch for the first week. Then students could still workout at any point throughout the day.

Q3: What examples of issues have you observed in your own experience?

I have experienced a terrible physical education class. The teacher that taught did not personalize workouts or help us strive to eat right as well as pursuing physical activity. The class was very awkward as a young female and the physical activity was mandatory. I would have preferred a culinary class to learn to cook and eat healthier. I feel that it became very complicated to sit through six hours of classes to have gym last period. My mind was able to work at the end of the day, not during the day.


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